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About Projeсt

    We present to the general public a simple economic online project Corruption-invest.

    The whole investment process is presented in a relaxed game picture, which characters are various characters bringing a certain profitability. According to the legend of the project, all the characters are "mixed up in corrupt schemes and are highly liquid authorities."

    Choosing a particular character you are invited to earn from 140 to 200%. The period of return as a percentage of income depends on the selected character.

For example, by choosing a character "Sheriff" you can earn 140% profit in 20 days. and "Doctor" will bring you a profit of 165% for 15 days of work. Accordingly, the "Mayor" 200% for a shorter period of 10 days.

    The process of investing in characters is extremely simple and even a beginner can handle it.

    In our project, there are no points and ratings for ease of investment and the project works on the principle of - Replenished - Invested - Got Profit - Withdrawn funds.

    The doors of our project are open for everyone, regardless of location. We wish you a successful investment and profit in our program!

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